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So, we have moved house.  Our new house is amazing - skillion roof and everything is brand new (including the carpet made from corn - who knew)?

No strange seedy smells, no subsidence and no weird plumbing or electrical problems.

Life is bliss, except for one thing; I am having HUGE problems blending my eclectic vintage style with our NEW modern home.

I have been scouring the internet for inspiration on how to mesh the two.

Gumtree is a constant source of thumb twiddling fun (yes I may have developed an addiction) however, the reality vs the images presented sometimes leave a little to be desired.

That is, until I found this piece....

Blissfully restored and upcycled, this gorgeous sideboard was glowing at me at 3am one morning when I couldn't sleep (well I could sleep but my 8 month old baby had other plans). I swiftly messaged the seller to see if it was still available and to my delight it was.

Being particularly heavy and big, I had to wait until the weekend to  collect it (the lovely sellers trusted that I would be there to pick it up - don't you just love Gumtree).

I may have slightly under exaggerated (?) the proximity of said sideboard to my husband (oops) so 1 1/2 hours and a very grumpy baby later we rocked up to the sellers house.

What a treasure trove of loveliness that awaited us.

The sellers upcycle and restore all types of beautiful vintage furniture. From children's wardrobes through to more serious living room pieces.

We loaded our new sideboard into the car and off we drove (another 1 1/5 hours home) where my confidence was restored in mixing styles.

This piece is the perfect representation of mixing a little old with a little new.

It has now opened a wonderful can of upcycled worms with the following looking like they may make an appearance in our brand new home in the near future.




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